Mr. Deepak Komath


TMJ London, TMJ in London - Facialsurgeon


  • A six-year retrospective review of distant free tissue flap reconstructions in a regional maxillofacial unit.

Intl J of Surg: 2012Volume 10, Issue 8, Pages S42–S43
Shilen Patel, Elyn Low, Deepak Komath, Sheena Patel ,Bhavin Visavadia
North-West London Hospitals, London, UK

  • The accuracy of ultrasound and USS guided FNAC in staging the neck in head and neck SCC.

Oral Oncology. Volume 49, Supplement 1, 1 May 2013, Pages S72
Deepak Komath, Colin Liew, Nicholas Kalavrezos

  • USS guided FNAC in staging the neck in head and neck SCC: is this the way forward?

September 2013Volume 51, Issue 6, Page e99 BJOMS
Deepak Komath ,N. Dulguerov,H. Young,P. Norris,A. Jay,S. Morley,T. Beal, C.Liew,N. Kalevrezos
University College Hospital London, United Kingdom

  • Comparing Disciplines: Outcomes of non melanomacutaneous malignant lesions in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dermatology.

European Journal of Surgical Oncology (EJSO), 2014
Meera Thavarajah, Sonia Szamocki, Deepak Komath, Luke Cascarini, and Manolis Heliotis

  • Endoscope Guided Total Prosthetic TMJ Replacement.

Deepak Komath, Iffah Zaman, Manolis Heliotis; BJOMS December 2016 Volume 54, Issue 10, Page e159

  • Splint-assisted disc plication surgery

Omar Sheikh,1 Greg Logan,1 Deepak Komath,2 Patrick Grossman,  Peter Ayliffe4 Ann Stomatol (Roma). 2016 Jul-Sep; 7(3): 73–78.