“.. Very Impressed  ..”

I am very impressed with the surgery on my lip , no complaints what so ever!


“.. Amazing Results  ..”

I am extremely happy with the complete process of the procedure. The recovery was quick with no pain. The results were amazing with no visible scaring !

“.. Huge Thank you to the Team  ..”

My daughter’s entire procedure journey was very smooth and really happy with the results and I highly recommend Mr.Komath. His PA has been absolute pleasure to deal with, nothing is a problem to her and everything gets resolved asap in the most friendly manner , wish everyone was the same! Thank you to Mr.Komath and his PA, you both made what could’ve been a stressful situation really easy!

“.. Thank you  ..”

I have seen Mr.Komath several times now and he made me feel ease, explained everything to me. I would highly recommend him and he is very professional.


“.. My entire TMJ Surgery Journey  ..”

I am writing this review in 2 parts, the first part is about Mr.Komath specifically and the second part is about my entire TMJ Surgery .

I found Mr.Komath is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He explained everything to me and answered any questions I had and clearly one of the best in his field at this type of surgery.  I always felt very safe in his hands and trusted him completely. I would have no hesitation to recommend Mr.Komath for your TMJ Surgery.
My TMJ Journey
My TMJ surgery journey started 10 years ago with clicking in my jaw and some jaw pain, sadly I ignored it, even when it progressed to occasionally getting stuck restricted mouth opening as I could always ” unstick” it myself by forcing it to open. Eventually, I had an episode where I couldn’t unstick it, and this lasted for 3 days… once again I didn’t go to the Doctors about it, as I thought it was just one of those things and eventually I had managed to unstick it myself. I began to noticed I couldn’t eat things like I used to able to eat without pain, for example, if I ate a Pizza with a chewy crust it would hurt my jaw so much I couldn’t finish my meal. Then in march 2020, my jaw got stuck and it never re-opened. I am pretty sure it was stress that caused it, it was the start of the pandemic time. I felt different this time, ” more stuck” I guess it is difficult to explain, but I knew it was worse and wasn’t going to re open. I had only 1.5 fingers width of movement and it was extremely uncomfortable and impacted my daily life.

I was luckily covered by private insurance and found Mr.Komath was one of my surgeon options, so I organized a consultation with him through his PA Nicky who was always prompt and helpful. Due to the pandemic, the consultation was over the phone, however, it was a positive experience and Mr.Komath explained things to me quickly and told me what he believed my issue to be, and advised that I needed an MRI to confirm it which was arranged quickly. The results showed I had bilateral Wilkes Stage 3 ( advanced) degeneration of the TMJ and internal derangement of the joint without reduction ( which means my discs were stuck in a forward position) I also had synovitis which meant the synovial fluid in the joint was inflamed. Essentially this all meant that my jaw joints on both sides were old and craggy before their time, and this had caused the discs to slip forward and get stuck in a forward position which meant my jaw wouldn’t open as the disc were in the way . Mr.Komath advised I would need a Bilateral ( both side) TMJ Arthroscopy lysis and lavage, to wash out the joints and reposition the discs, as well as a PRP injection ( Platelet – Rich – Plasma) to aid the healing. He advised that the surgery would cut the cycle of degeneration to give the joints a chance to heal, and without the surgery it would continue to get worse and my jaw would remain stuck. He advised that 85% of people get better with the treatments. The risks were explained to me and what would happen during and after surgery, including that I would need physiotherapy afterwards. Due to the pandemic no elective surgery was happening so I had to wait until October , but eventually my operation date rolled around, by this time I had around 2 fingers width of movement in my jaw but there was a constant ” stuck” and stretched  feeling and dull pain.

On the date of the operation I checked in to the hospital at my allocated time 4 pm which was all smooth and went well. I was visited by anaesthetist and Mr.Komath who answered any questions I had and then was taken to the surgery about 5.30pm . I was woken up after surgery at some time after 7pm, and wheeled back to my room at some point. My letter from the hospital had advised that I would be sent home the same day, and one of the pre-surgery phone calls had advised me that this would probably be around 9pm, however the nurses on duty were surprised I had been told I would go home the same day, having had the surgery so late in the day, and were quite keen for me to stay overnight. At one point I thought I was going to be sick, and at that point agreed to stay overnight. It wasn’t a comfortable night but that was to be expected. I had ice packs on each side of my face, was sitting quite upright, and generally feeling as you might imagine after surgery. I had two steri strips on each side of my face, very close to my ears, covering the keyhole surgery holes, and my face was quite swollen. I had limited movement on the right side of my face which was a bit scary, but normal after this kind of surgery as it stretches the nerves. The nursing staff did everything they could to make me comfortable though. I even managed to each a couple of yoghurts at about 11pm. By about 10:30pm I could also move most of my face again, which was a relief. My lip was pretty bruised; from the tubes I guess. I obviously had limited movement and opening of my jaw, but I could speak, if somewhat sounding a little weird, like I was clenching my teeth. I wasn’t really in much pain. By the morning I was able to eat a bowl of porridge. There was a dull pain, and more when I moved my jaw (yawning was definitely not allowed!), but honestly I was so pleased at the amount of pain. About 7 years ago I had my tonsils out and that was a horrendously painful experience, so this was a breeze in comparison. I was discharged by about 9am, and went home to recover. The first few days I was quite swollen, still had limited movement of my jaw (about 1 fingers width), and only ate very soft foods like porridge, soup, mashed potato, baked beans, scrambled eggs etc. Eating was a bit painful, but not too bad. Eating did take a long time though. I was very conscious of anything touching my head at all, and wore ice packs on my face almost round the clock for the first 3 days, as well as slept lying sitting up in bed for about a week. They tell you to sleep sitting up to keep the swelling down, but also you don’t feel like you want to lie on your side at all as then your surgery wounds would be against the pillow, which would obviously be uncomfortable. I managed to start sleeping on my side after about a week, and it was surprisingly pain-free. It never got very painful. I managed on only paracetamol and ice packs, and after about 4/5 days I stopped taking paracetamol. I had a taste of blood in my mouth for about a week; I guess somewhere inside it was weeping whilst it healed and that was dripping into my throat. I took a week off work and did feel like I needed that much time. I felt quite exhausted by the surgery, and even though it wasn’t hugely painful, my body was definitely telling me I needed to rest and get better slowly. I took short walks every day, starting on day 2, and waited for 2 weeks before doing any other kind of exercise. I started the jaw stretching exercises on about day 3, when I felt able to, and just went slowly. Again, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I did 20 x 3 times a day, so 60 in total, of prizing my jaw open using my fingers and holding for about 3 seconds. Slowly my jaw began to open wider and wider. By about the 2 week point I was back to pre-surgery amount (2 fingers width), and now as I write this 6 weeks after surgery, I have 2 fingers width without trying, and this increases to 3 fingers width after I have done my stretching exercises. I am hoping this will continue to improve. The “stuck” feeling I had before surgery is most definitely gone, which is a great relief. My steri strips got darker and I could after a few days see the scabs underneath on each incision site, and after about 10 days they fell off, revealing the incision sites which each had a stitch in them. After 3.5 weeks I accidentally pulled one of my stitches out when I went to take off my mask by the elastic straps. Ouch! It didn’t bleed or anything though, so it must have been ready. Around a week later the second stitch on the same side disappeared somewhere, and I still have the two stitches in the other side hanging on (it is 6 weeks today since my surgery). After 5 weeks I had my follow up with Mr Komath, who told me that the surgery went well, but that when he went in, he saw that I have a tear in my right disc (the side that hurt more) so he could not position it fully back in place, and there is no way to repair this tear now, so it is a lifelong management kind of thing. He confirmed that I will likely need the surgery again in the future, and referred me to physiotherapy, which would help to keep the disc from slipping in the future (I haven’t had this appointment yet as I write this). Mr Komath advised me to do some other exercises (rolling my tongue all the way to the back of my throat then moving my mouth open and closed), as well as keep on with the jaw stretching exercises, I asked when I should stop doing these, and he said I shouldn’t stop, so I still do them everyday. I guess the physiotherapist will be specific about the exercises I need to do and for how long.


“.. Absolutely Satisfied  ..”

 I am so happy and absolutely satisfied with Mr.Komath. He gave me full attention from the first consultation through to the surgery and post-surgery consultation. He explained everything to me in detail including possible risks and he always allow me to ask any questions with regards to the surgery.

I came from Nigeria purposely for the surgery as a private patient and paid so much for it but in the end, I got the value. His secretary Nicky was always available 24/7 to respond to my query. I will not hesitate to recommend Mr.Komath to anyone requiring excellent service and care

All the best

“.. Patient Journey with TMD  ..”

Mr.Komath is absolutely brilliant . Following over a year of increasingly worsening TMJ issues which resulted in my jaw joint locking , Mr.Komath performed a jaw joint arthroscopy on both sides on me in September 2019. I felt very comfortable under Mr.Komath’s care – he is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and personable. After a through assessment and a MRI scan he promptly booked me in for surgery, explaining every step simply and Cleary along the way. The surgery was quick and effective. Post – surgery for 2 weeks I experienced limited jaw movements, mostly stuck to a liquid / soup diet and the pain was manageable . After a month I felt very much recovered, my diet was back to normal and I started to really noticed the benefits of the surgery – mostly the range of movements I now had again with my jaw. I noticed some sound sensitivity for a while, but nothing significant. After my 6 week check up, Mr.Komath referred me for physiotherapy just to ensure my recovery stayed on the right track and that’s been invaluable to soften the muscles around my jaw joint .

I am now 4 months post – surgery and thrilled with the progress and the results. This surgery has solved all my TMJ issues and I can’t recommend Mr.Komath enough!!. He is a fantastic consultant and surgeon, a master of his craft and its been a pleasure to trust him with my care .

Many Thanks.

“.. Big Thank You  ..”

From my consultation all the way through to my operation Mr.Komath made me feel calm and in the best of hands. I could not have been looked after any better!!!

Many Thanks

“.. Care and Support ..”

Big Shout to Royal Free Hospital in particularly to Mr.Komath and his team for the care , attention and support for our daughter during her recent treatment.

Kind Regards


“.. Excellent Surgeon ..”
Just to Thank you for your excellent surgery. The closure was brilliant, already the scar is barely visible. All good wishes.
Dr.Harold .H
 “.. Excellent Treatment  ..”
I would like to express my gratitude to the Maxillofacial team for the excellent treatment I received recently.
I must praise Mr.Komath for the successful removal of the skin cancers from my scalp and for the excellent reconstruction surgery which I meant to kept a full head of hair  

Many Thanks

 “..Thank you ..”
Thank you for all your kindness and help over the past few weeks.
Kind  Regards
“.. I feel great and I think Mr.Komath is a great Surgeon  ..”

My name is Petronela and I was diagnosed with Class III malocclusion. I have start the orthodontic treatment in June 2015 and on the 5th of January 2017 I had my jaw Surgery.

I want to deeply thank you to Dr.Deepak Komath for changing and improving my life. Since the first time I meet him he explained me exactly what the surgery involves, how the procedure will be and all the risks. He answered all my questions and support me in doing the surgery. Obviously I assumed all the possible risks, but he gave me confidence and I decided to carry on.

After the surgery I noticed immediately changes, not only for my bite but also for my breathe. Today I have 4 months since I had my jaw surgery and I have just a small numbness in my chin, but in rest I feel great and feel like everything is fine . I think he is a great surgeon that really cares about his patients . Thank you very much


 “..Comfortable and Confident ..”
I found Mr.Komath to be a considered and articulate person and felt comfortable and confident within his care. I felt like he always provided me as much time as I wanted and needed to ask questions in our consultations and his explanations at each step of the way were always clearly and easily understood. In addition, the procedure I underwent was a great success!
 “..Such a difference to my Peace of Mind..”
Thank you for using your incredible skill and knowledge to reconstruct my nose also, for the care and time you have taken to explain treatment and healing process. This makes such a difference to my “Peace of Mind”.
Kind Regards